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Green Line
2016 New Apple Book Awards: Parenting

A Mother's Heart

A Mother's Heart: Memoir of a Special Needs Parent
by Eichin Chang-Lim
available at Amazon

2017 E-Book Medalist Winner - Parenting
This book encapsulates both the elements of a memoir and a self-help book. It is not only helpful for parents with a special needs child, it will also give insights to individuals who may encounter or be involved with parents of special needs children.


FLIPPING: An Uplifting Novel of Love
by Eichin Chang-Lim
available at Amazon

2017 E-Book Official Selection - Inspirational
is a multi-awards winning novel. The gentleness and richly layered love story is moving and inspirational.
“Be Inspired. Fall in Love.”

Surviving Cancer - Our Voices & Choices by Marion Behr

Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices
A Collaboration Compiled and Illustrated by Marion Behr
available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

"Anyone who hears the dreaded, 'You have cancer', needs to read this. Professionals, survivors, caregivers, doctors... sharing their stories and offering information and hope."
- Pat Buzby (Goodreads)

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Litleman

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman
by Robin Gregory
available at Amazon!

Winner of New Apple's 2016 BEST NEW FICTION
Through friendship with otherworldly beings, a disabled boy discovers healing powers his kinfolk refuse to recognize.

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2016 New Apple Book Awards CATEGORY MEDALIST WINNER:
How to Advocate Successfully for your Child


How to Advocate Successfully for Your Child: What Every Parent Should Know About Special Education Law

by Greer M. Gurland, Esq.

Imagine being the parent of a school-age child with a learning disability and getting the chance to talk with a knowledgeable special education attorney who, like a trusted friend, truly wants to make your life easier. That heart-to-heart chat comes to life in Ms. Gurland's new book. "How to Advocate..." delivers a mega-dose of power for parents with passion and insight. The author's legal background (Harvard Law School, '94) is key, but it is her position as a mother of five special-needs children ages 6-13 gives her even more authority. Ms. Gurland does an exemplary job of demystifying special education (no "legalese") and of answering critical questions that parents face with empathy. You will think of Ms. Gurland as a friend well before the last page. Applicable in all fifty United States. Also available in Spanish. - Blue Ink Reviews

Available Formats: Paperback
Publishing House: Self-Pub
Author's Website:
Available for purchase:

Born for Life


Charlie: A Child's Tale of Grief, Loss & Love

Written by Cole W. Williams
Illustrated by Ian Durneen

Charlie is a fictional middle-grade story about a boy navigating the emotional landscape of a death in the family. When Charlie’s favorite relative dies, he is left with the complex and disorienting feelings of loss including confusion, loneliness and anger. This heartfelt tale depicts the close family bonds that foster love above all else, and how togetherness with friends help to make it through grief. The artistic illustrations within Charlie change color with the emotions found on the page. The story ends and is followed with a discussion section written by an expert to continue the conversation of loss thoughtfully.

Available Formats: eBook, Paperback
Publishing House: Self-Pub
Author's Website:
Available for purchase:

No Fairy Tale


Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home
includes Parent & Therapist Guide for Adoptive Families

Written by Jody A. Dean, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Susie Lee Jin

Book To Help Children through Adoption. Join Roxie, a dachshund, as she makes the transition from her temporary “Foster” home to her new “Forever” home. Based on a real dog’s story, the book is designed to help children through complicated, often frightening process of adoption, showing the children there is nothing to fear and everything will be all right. Includes Parent and Therapist Guide written by professional therapists to help adult caregivers in guiding children through the adoption process and answering questions they may have. Also applies to children joining blended families, moving between separated parents, or other family transitions. 

Available Formats: eBook, Hardcover
Publishing House: Tally Ho Publishing
Author's Website:
Available for purchase:


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