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2017 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards:

A Mother's Heart

Paradise Bound
by Rafaele Desire
available at Amazon

A young French doctor is torn between three men after a vacation to Southern California makes her reconsider her life choices.

Surviving Cancer - Our Voices & Choices by Marion Behr

Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices
A Collaboration Compiled and Illustrated by Marion Behr
available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

"Anyone who hears the dreaded, 'You have cancer', needs to read this. Professionals, survivors, caregivers, doctors... sharing their stories and offering information and hope."
- Pat Buzby (Goodreads)

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Litleman

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman
by Robin Gregory
available at Amazon!

Winner of New Apple's 2016 BEST NEW FICTION
Through friendship with otherworldly beings, a disabled boy discovers healing powers his kinfolk refuse to recognize.

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2017 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards: AUTOBIOGRAPHY / BIOGRAPHY / MEMOIR
Solo Medalist Winner


The Light: A Modern-Day Journey for Peace

by Judith T. Lambert

Why has humankind always sought the Light? What do pharaohs and prophets and festivals around the world tell us about the meaning of the Light? A modern woman has an extraordinary dream that seems like a Near-Death Experience. This give rise to a quest for truth. Dissatisfied with answers at home she takes her search abroad and enters a labyrinth of religious scholars, Sufi guides, and spiritual archaeologists. Propelled by what she discovers her journey continues to the foundation of religious unity. This story uncovers our prevailing spiritual unity despite the world's seemingly different beliefs. Ultimately there is a powerful spiritual bond we share with one another. Gods and the name for God has changed in every era, yet one dynamic remains constant--the Light. God does not have a religion. God does not speak a language. God does not have a culture. It is we who require these things.

Available Formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover
Publishing House: Ann Duran Productions
Author's Twitter: @jlambertbooks
Author's Facebook:
Author's Website:
Available for purchase:

Official Selections:
Official Selection


White Man’s Disease

by Paul C. Thornton

Poignant, sad, tragic, funny, compelling; story of hope, resilience, and the American Dream of realizing one’s full potential 

Available Formats: eBook, Paperback
Publishing House: Book Brokers of Florida
Author's Twitter: @vidsmart
Available for purchase:


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